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DJI M300 + H20T Full app walkthrough - why you need this!

Here is a walkthrough of some of the incredible features the DJI #M300 \u0026 H20T combo has to offer.

This is one super impressive drone perfect for Inspection, Line Of Sight surveys, Surveillance, and first responder search and rescue drone work.

I will take you through all the app interface icons, buttons, and what it does- which will hopefully give you a better understanding of this drone's potential and applications it can be used in!

It's a long video so skip to the sections below!

0:43 Top bar items
2:03 Extra settings
2:38 Perception settings
4:18 Discreet mode
5:46 Smart track
6:50 Pinpoint
7:37 Laser Ranging
8:16 Camera settings
8:39 IR (Infrared/ Thermal)
9:29 Zoom
10:16 High-res Grid
11:18 Navigation Display (Aircraft \u0026 Gimbal orientation)

Happy flying!

Don't forget to check out Drone Masterclass Academy:

#djim300app #djih20t

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Elistair Tether Stations with the DJI M300 UAV

In this video, Noemi, Elistair International Business Developer, shows how to tether the DJI M300 drone with Elistair stations.
Discover the first Air Module specifically designed by Elistair for tethered flight with the M300 from DJI.

Compatible with both our Safe-T 2 and Ligh-T 4 tethered drone stations, the M300 can now benefit from unlimited power supply for extended and safer flights.

Register for Elistair's next online demonstration and see the full setup and flight of the M300 tethered with our stations: https://elistair.com/request-a-demonstration/

Elistair tether systems are the perfect plug-and-fly tools to ensure fast and safe surveillance, for defense, public and private safety, incidents/natural disasters assessment and pop up telecommunication missions.

Founded in 2014 and with offices in France and in Boston, Elistair develops tethered drones and powered tethering stations for third-party drones, turning small multi-rotor vehicles into airborne platforms for persistent surveillance and high-speed telecommunications.
Elistair’s products have been deployed with militaries, police forces, public security departments and private companies in more than 60 countries.

00:12 Safe-T 2 and Ligh-T 4 stations compatibilty
00:30 Presentation of the M300 tethering system
00:50 Setup of the M300 Air Module with the Safe-T 2 tether station
01:08 Fixing the Air Module
01:56 Checking the connection between the DJI M300 and the tether
02:03 DJI Go app settings
02:22 T-Monitor live flight monitoring mobile application
02:48 Take off and flight of the M300 tethered with the Safe-T 2
03:12 Landing of the drone
03:27 Unfixing the module

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Oberarm-Blutdruckmessgerät Omron M300 Intellisense

Ein möglichst einfacher Blutdruckmesser, der die wichtigsten Funktionen verlässlich erfüllt und den Benutzer vor keine grossen technischen Herausforderungen stellt: Das kompakte Oberarm-Blutdruckmessgerät Omron M300 ist ein leicht zu bedienendes Blutdruckmessgerät mit gutem Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis. Es ist mit einer Universalmanschette ausgestattet und bietet 30 Speicherplätze.

Das Omron M300 Blutdruckmessgerät verfügt über eine patentierte Intellisense Technologie und ist klinisch validiert. Es ermöglicht auf besonders einfache Weise die tägliche oder wöchentliche Messung. Sie können damit selbständig und unabhängig Ihre Blutdruckwerte ermitteln. Legen Sie die Manschette am Oberarm an, drücken Sie auf die Starttaste und überlassen Sie alle weiteren Schritte dem Omron M300.



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