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2020 Mazda 2 - INTERIOR

Featuring a new, more sophisticated design, new Skyactiv-Technologies and enhanced i-Activsense safety features, an upgraded version of the company's popular B-segment hatchback, the Mazda2, will go on sale throughout Europe in early 2020.

The Mazda2 drive range is also perfectly tailored to the requirements of the small car segment. A high-compression 1.5-liter Skyactiv-G four-cylinder petrol engine, which is available in two output levels with 55 kW / 75 PS and 66 kW / 90 PS, ensures lively propulsion. The power transmission as standard now takes place exclusively via a manual transmission with six gears. The Skyactiv-Drive six-speed automatic is optionally available for the 66 kW / 90 PS version. Both engines (with manual transmission) receive the Mazda M Hybrid Mild Hybrid System from the factory, consisting of a belt-driven 22.5 volt starter / generator and a capacitor as a power store. The mild hybrid system contributes significantly to a significant reduction in fuel consumption compared to the previous Mazda2 and also ensures extremely fast and quiet engine starting and improved driveability.

The combined fuel consumption (according to NEDC) of the Mazda2 2020 in the versions with manual transmission in both power levels is a low 4.1 liters of premium petrol per 100 km, which corresponds to CO2 emissions of only 94 g / km. This results in a consumption reduction of over 16 percent compared to the previous Mazda2 with a comparable engine. The 66 kW / 90 PS variant with six-speed automatic consumes 5.2 liters per 100 km according to NEDC, which corresponds to CO2 emissions of 118 g / km. All engines already meet the Euro 6d emissions standard, which will only be binding from 2021.

For the first time in the Mazda2, the Matrix LED lighting system (ALH) is available with the 2020 model year. The LEDs in the headlights were divided into 20 blocks in order to control the distribution and range of the light beams even more precisely. The City Emergency Brake Assist (SCBS) with pedestrian detection now also works at night and recognizes vehicles up to a speed of 80 km / h (previously 30 km / h). A lane departure warning system (LAS), a traffic sign recognition system (TSR), the City Emergency Brake Assistant Plus with automatic brake intervention when reversing and the 360 ​​° monitor with parking sensors at the front are also available as options.

The latest developments in Mazda's Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture have also been applied to enhance the Jinba Ittai driving experience. A new front seat design offers ideal occupant posture to minimise fatigue, enhance the feeling of connection with the car and make driving easier and more comfortable.

The suspension systems have been revised to realise smoother vehicle movements for a more comfortable ride, and G-Vectoring Control Plus (GVC Plus) has been adopted to make vehicle handling more stable and safer.

The Mazda M Hybrid system combines electric motor assistance with recovered energy recycling to both boost engine torque and improve fuel efficiency whilst offering a smoother driving experience.

Offering superior styling, finish quality and ergonomics, the updated Mazda2 combines fuel economy comparable to a hybrid car with true Jinba Ittai performance and handling.

On board, materials and colour schemes have been carefully chosen to create a high quality, harmonious cabin environment. In-cabin quietness has reached new levels - Mazda's research into NVH resulting in a new approach to the control of sounds entering the cabin to provide a 'higher-quality' quietness for all occupants.

Comfort and convenience on board has been improved through the availability of a heated steering wheel, an auto-dimming rear view mirror, and the support for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto by the Mazda Connect infotainment system.

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admiT iT i makE yoU hornY : also known as the toyota something or the other.
jvr gtrz : excelente carro estoy muy contento con mi mazda 2020.
ItzN0tDP : I can’t wait to see if the Mazda 2 gets the interior that Mazda 3 and cx 30 got
hind Qhtani : هل هي موجوده بالسعوديه

Mazda 2 2020 review: G15 GT hatch

The Mazda2 has been, to my thinking, the best light car in its class. That doesn't mean it's the cheapest - it isn't - but its mix of styling, engineering and safety mean you know where your money has gone. The plucky 2 continues to duke it out with the all-conquering Toyota Yaris, the VW Polo and all manner of Euro and Asian competition.

Things sure have changed in this segment in the last decade or so, with not one single model cracking 10,000 sales (although the Hyundai Accent came close).

Despite its higher cost against the Accent and various contenders, the Mazda2 still came third in its class in 2019, with just under 8200 sales. Just as the year was winding down, Mazda announced a customary, detail-focused rejig of the Mazda2 line-up.

The Mazda2 sure ain't cheap to buy, but neither is its spec list stingy. While the GT is taking the Mick a little bit at $26,000, it does have a lot of stuff, yet none of it is really a must have. With an alright engine bolted into a really good chassis, the 2 is the kind of fun small cars haven't been for a while.

The bottom line is, any Mazda2 is a good choice - the depth of engineering is part of the reason it costs so much, and the ownership proposition is good with a long warranty. It's also very well-built, feels substantial despite being light and is packed with safety gear. And you can still get the entry-level Pure in manual...

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bartonez123 : "GT". Haha. Yeah, nah. The value is kind of poo too - so many similarly equipped cars in this price bracket with more space/power/warranty. If it was $5k cheaper it would be solid and the value and dynamics would outweigh its shortcomings, but not at this price.
roto ehu : Reviewer so positive in this video I was expecting an 8 point something, rather than ‘only’ a 7.1 rating. For an alternative Australian review of this car go to CarExpert - summary a great car in 2016, but the platform now badly showing its age (which the facelift didn’t address) and therefore no excuse for high price. - watch sales continue to plummet.
Denver Cayle Ong : Looks like the cd player is gone.
Steve Edward : I owned a pre-facelift Mazda 2. It's a fantastic car, but I don't see enough justifications to go for a new one, other than styling ( which I absolutely love btw )

What I like about the car :
- Handling
- Fuel Economy
- N/A motor
- Texture feel on the things I often touch ( climate knobs, steering wheels, etc )
- Infotainment UI simplicity

Why I can't justify the new car :
- Same infotainment ( works well, but considering it's 2020, graphics looks ancient )
- NVH levels, considering how well the Mazda 3 is

I mean it's not a bad car, but considering how well Mazda stepped-up the 3/6 & the price jump, they could've done a better job.
Ludo Cattin : You write that the Mazda 2 is an expensive car. But it Switzerland, it costs around 27 000 CHF (about 42 500 AUD) for this version. The engine is only 66 kw (90 ps) and 148 Nm torque with the automatic gearbox.

It’s not an expensive city car here. Popular city cars in Europe (Peugeot 208, Renault Clio, VW Polo, Ford Fiesta, Seat Ibiza, Skoda Fabia, Citroën C3) are usually more expensive with the same level of equipment. Expensive car are premium cars such as Audi A1 or Mini (which belongs to BMW). It can cost more than 40 000 CHF (63 000 AUD) with a mid power engine (115 ps to 150 ps). The only low cost car is Dacia Sandero which starts at 9 000 CHF (14 100 AUD) with a really small engine and equipement from year 1980 in Eastern Europe .

Mazda2 Facelift FULL REVIEW 2020 MHEV EU - Autogefühl

This is our in-depth review of the 2020 Mazda2 Facelift. We're taking a look at Exterior, Interior and the driving experience.

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Marius Lapusan : The problem with alcantara on the steering wheel is that it is not reliable and it will have to be replaced often specially on daily drive cars. Maybe another artificial material could do the job
Marius Lapusan : does this car have independent rear suspension or torsion beam ?
Terrence Sielaff : I love the Mazda 2: I have a 2015 I’m from down under I zip around town an city I service my car every 12000km an I’m about to trade in an get another one the power to weight ratio an from 0 to 60 an 60 to 110 is very good It’s a very nice car. I would put coil overs on mine with a knn air filter an custom air induction I would stick with penrite motor oil ryco oil filter etc oem drive belt no need for turbo or supercharger cause of remap ecu
ralph : I test ride the mazda 2 2016 with hud. I really dislike it. And you can't shut it down. I didn't bought the car. And i really really liked the rest of the car.
Johan Marais : My 2019 mazda 2 has 110hp (82kw) out from the factory and not 90hp (67kw) and it actually pulls nicely in town and no problem overtaking something doing 120km/h (country speed limit) from 120km/h to 140km/h for overtaking.



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