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Bryant Myers - Air Drop (Official Music Video)

#AirDrop #BryantMyers #Bellakerita

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Mateo22 HD : Bryan, por favor usa mas tu voz ronca y te vas a ir mundial con cualquier tema, Buenisimo!
CrAzyBoy : Es normal que la escuche todos los días? Rompiste bryancito
Alcaton : TEMON!!!!!!!!!!!! 2022
DJ Acevici : Amazing mix!!
Pato Paredes : Realmente, es un temazo! Bryan la rompe una y otra vez... Increíble!

Rad Museum - AirDrop (feat. 원슈타인) (Official Video)

'Brainstorm' out now

Visit to purchase the 'Brainstorm' collection

Director: Rad Museum
DOP: LEE YOUNGWOO (1st Min Sungju, 2nd Lee Eunil, Ko Yuntae)
Gaffer: Lee Seongill (1st Kim Mincheol, 2nd Jung Jooho)
Lyrics by Rad Museum, Wonstein
Composed by Rad Museum, Wonstein, DAEHEE
Arranged by Rad Museum, DAEHEE
Mixed by No Identity
Mastered by Harrison Hong
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#radmuseum #wonstein #airdrop
세모 : 뽀글머리는 음악을 잘한다는 학계의 점심입니다
ᄋᄋ : 친구끼리 통한다라는 느낌을 애플의 AirDrop 기능에 빗대어 표현했네요. 근데 이런건 애플따위 안써도 가능하다. 삼성이어서가 아니고ㅋㅋ 라는 가사도 재밌고.. 첨 보는 뮤지션인데 굉장히 수준 높길래 찾아봤더니 딘이랑 같은 크루인가보네요. 역시....
Aiselle : This is absolutely different from his other songs but im loving every second of it!!❤
Hee-young : The fact that they both have beautiful hair. UGH I'm blessed
ᄋᄉ : 진짜 뮤직비디오 연출부터 곡 컨셉, 아티스트간의 조합도 어찌 이리 아름답고 황홀하냐 ㅠㅠ

How to Use AirDrop to Send or Receive Files On iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac Instantly

Learn how to use AirDrop to share files on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or

AirDrop is one of the best options to share files between Apple devices quickly and securely. All you need to do is to activate the AirDrop receiving option from the control center and you can start sending or receiving files on/from your iOS or MacOS device

You can use AirDrop to share Apple Music files between your device - see our guide here

If you own an older device, here's a simple trick to enable AirDrop on older devices

If you want to enjoy the AirDrop feature on your Windows computer - then you can use one of the alternatives from this list

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Shrek : Everyone’s talking about airdropping memes to random people or whatever but I just wanna airdrop the girl who moved next door to me so I can finally make friends
anns : i’m gonna air drop random pictures to random people so i need this :)
Nejc Ribič : is this being recorded by a calculator?
Mark7com : I thought that air drop was an emergency mode when the phone falls/dropped in fast speed.



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