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HP Pro X476DW Inkbag system to reduce print costs from www.inkbags.com

We bought three of these. And WOW! I was amazed at print speed and ink cost. Odd facts:

1. On Wednesday at 8-9am HP posts 5 HP Pro X476DW printers on Amazon.com for $299 Prime (this is the cost for one part for our lasers). A super deal! You have to get them fast, or they are gone until next Wednesday!

2. ISO standards DO NOT include consumables other than toner. Paper/Fuser/Drum/Transfer roller cost is not included in the cost per page!

3. Page yield on the black 970XL $119 cartridge is 9200 pages, and the color 971XL $119 cartridges have a page yield of 6600 pages! More than most Laser toner.

4. HP's published per page cost: $0.013 black, $0.068 color with the XL cartridges installed

5. You do not have to buy HP ink. We buy our ink from www.inkbags.com. It is an amazing, clean inkbag system for the ProX series printers. The small bag system brings the cost per page to around $0.00765, that is under a cent per page black. Color cost per page with the small ink bag system is $0.038 per page. And the entire conversion system with trays is less than the full set of color cartridges. $399 plus $14.95 shipping. A full set of HP cartridges is $476 if you buy them each, or $455 as a 4 pack. Once you have the kit, the cost is even less for the bags. The quality of the pigment based ink is identical (for a very interesting unpublished reason). The ink volume is much higher in the bags than the HP cartridge. HP's XL Black is 175ml, the small inkbag has 220ml. The HP color XL cartridge is 86ml and the small inkbag is 110ml.

6. The power savings alone will almost pay for the printers in less than a year over the Laser counterparts they replaced. This does not include parts or repair costs. (transfer rollers, fusers, waste toner bottles, etc.) Our old Lasers used 825 Watts printing, 110 Watts in Power Saver mode. The ProX series use 70 watts printing (100W maximum), and 10 watts Ready to print! That is one tenth the power requirements. If my calculations are correct (8hr workload per day including weekends, 18hrs idle). The Laser costs $398.58 to run one full year at $0.13 per kWhr. The inkjet at MAX will cost $46.50 per year for the same duty cycle. At the 70Watt printing load, it would only cost $35.11 per year. That is a $363.47 savings, easily paying for the $299 printer cost.

Yep, I am a fan. And it is going to save me around $3000 per year in color toner cost. :)
edit name : Hi, I just bought one of these off someone, when printing quality pages, all the colors have streaks on them, and the yellow ink bar is half white.

Is this a print head issue, or cleaning?
geraldokla : After 3+ years, how are these ink bags working for you? Any leakage or damage to the printer?
New Project : Connect wifi?
NoExpert : try the 3 stages of the cleaning process the printer provides. menu->extras->cleaning or something like that. if that does not help. try this:

i have the same issue but just with the black ink.

HP Pro-X Waste Ink Tray Maintenance. Printhead recovery and cleaning.

Will show you how to recover and manually clean the printhead on a HP Pro-x x451, x551, x476, x576 Inkjet Printer

HP Pro-X 970/971 Business Bulk Ink Solution Inkbags Continuous Ink System - CISS www.inkbags.com / www.adaptiveink.com

For Use with: HP OfficeJet Pro X Series Printers:
HP Officejet Pro X451dn ( CN459A)
HP OfficeJet Pro X551dn (CV037A)
HP Officejet Pro X476dn MFP (CN460A)
HP Officejet Pro X476dw MFP (CN461A)
HP Officejet Pro X576dw MFP (CN598A)

Ink System is Compatible with HP Cartridge:
HP 970 Black Ink Cartridge (~3,000 pages), CN621A
HP 971 Cyan Ink Cartridge (~2,500 pages), CN622A
HP 971 Magenta Ink Cartridge (~2,500 pages), CN623A
HP 971 Yellow Ink Cartridge (~2,500 pages), CN624A
HP 970XL Black Ink Cartridge (~9,200 pages), CN625A
HP 971XL Cyan Ink Cartridge (~6,600 pages), CN626A
HP 971XL Magenta Ink Cartridge (~6,600 pages), CN627A
HP 971XL Yellow Ink Cartridge (~6,600 pages), CN628A
Stephen Wilkus : Thank you very much for this. Without your help I had rinsed the waste-ink module but I did not know where the ink jets were located. You’ve saved me the price of a new printer!
I am in your debt, and hope to pass it along.
Nathanael Weir : Mate, you're a legend, thanks so much for this! Managed to fix my black ink streaking issues using your method. Cheers!
Rollo Martins : Thanks for the video. First it looked like it would not work, and it got even much worse. However a few cleaning cycles (first level) helped, after I had cleaned the print bar with your method; now the print is perfect again. Wow. Thanks!

(BTW: I used isopropyl alcohol.)
luckyedboy66 : Thanks for the tutorial. What are some tips for cleaning out the ink recovery tray? Mine was gunked full of ink and it made a pretty big mess in the sink. Fortunately it didn't ruin my clothes.
Trevor Avrett : Wow! I've had this printer for years now and got a C18a000a error. Researching, I found this; and had no clue that this tray was so excessively full. Tbd if this is the complete solution to my error while everything is drying out, but l Iove the straightforward transparency from your experience, (namely speaking hosting out the tray won't damage it). Thanks man! This is what YouTube is all about imo

Taking Apart HP Officejet Pro X576DW Printer for Parts or Repair

This is a very long video since it is a very big and a very complicated (build) printer. Watch for fun or for instructions! In any case, please like, share, and subscribe!

Have a great day!


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#PrinterRepair #Pagewide
Josh Moreorless : Thank you for sharing... I just needed to know how to swap screens on this model. Very Nice Breakdown!
NoExpert : Man, thanks a lot for the video!

My 476dw shows the following error code: "C18A00A". Couldn't find anything relating the code.

All LEDs beside the touchscreen are flashing and the printer asks me to restart it.

The tray with the ink cartridges is in the bottom position. Atleast i'm now able to get to them.
Robert Hsieh : Great video of taking apart this printer.

Could you post a video how to put everything back together again?
Osiel Bomfim : Aí tem que ter fé e coragem
Jörg Bayerlein : Thanks for your Video. I had error "Output motor drive does not work" (in german "Stillstand Ausgabemotor"). I had got a original HP repair Kit for this motor drive and with this nice video I was able to open printer, remove all necessary parts, change output drive and put all things together. Finally my very powerful HP 476 comes to live again and I can now work and print without any problems. I have ink for several years and I hope this machine works as long as I live (I am now 66 years old).



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