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Corey Bizzaro : Bought the gll330 last year. Glad I did. Installed kitchen cabinets, floors, used it for plumbing stud walls and closet installation. Great investment
Joshua Wilson : Thanks for the vid Matt. Definitely sold me on it. I’ve been in the market for a laser for some DIY stuff in the new home. This is the one for me and thanks to your vid, I’ll be at HD tomorrow. Thank you.
Aepek : Don’t own this particular model, but love Bosch laser levels etc(own 2 different models & types) do a great job. Great vid for helping ppl out w/ deciding to buy; & for using for the first time
Joseph Malinowski : I was actually at Home Depot today and I was looking through all the sales on tools so I saw the laser level and then I saw the electric tape measure and I was wondering how good this laser level would be
Ray Ring : Great laser for the price bought it last Christmas did a tile and chair rail job with it and work as good as my Johnson spinning level would great vid

Bosch GLL 2 Cross Line Laser Level Review

In this video we take a look at the Bosch GLL 2 30ft Cross Line Laser Level. This is a great little laser lever for hanging pictures, trim, tile or any other projects you may have around the house. The GLL2 laser includes the laser and mount and operates on just 2 AA batteries. For professional use you will want to look at the higher end (and priced) green lasers from Bosch as they have effective ranges much higher than this one.

For full specs and pricing via Home Depot:

For more reviews:

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ToolZine : The Bosch GLL 2 Cross Line Laser Level is currently on holiday special at Home Depot
abefromanize : Looks like this would be perfect for hanging chair rail. How long do the batteries last?
GZ Industrial Supplies Nigeria : Great product great review
Crimson Woodworking : Are you able to do ceiling also? Like installing potlights in a straight line.
jtolken : Cool thanks

Bosch Professional GLL 2-15 G und GCL 2-50 G: Robust auf ganzer Linie

Schwierige Arbeitsbedingungen auf der Baustelle gehören zum täglichen Geschäft: Staub, Spritzwasser und Stöße sind eine ständige Bedrohung für dein Werkzeug. Die grünen Bosch Professional Kombi- und Linienlaser GCL 2-50 G und GLL 2-15 G sind unsere robustesten Messgeräte. Dank des langlebigen Designs, eines gummierten Gehäuses, eingelassenen Gläsern und IP 64 Schutz halten sie selbst großen Herausforderungen stand und lassen dich nicht im Stich.

- Robustes Design mit gummiertem Gehäuse und eingelassenen Gläsern
- Staub- und Spritzwasserschutz gemäß IP 64 für den Einsatz in anspruchsvollen Arbeitsumgebungen
- Grüne Laserlinien und grüne Lotpunkte für mehr Sichtbarkeit
- EIN/AUS-Schalter und Ein-Tasten-Bedienung
- Multifunktionale drehbare Halterung zur einfachen Ausrichtung der Laserlinien um die Lotpunkte
- Grüne Lotpunkte für präzise Transferanwendung

Weitere Informationen zu unseren robusten Messgeräten findest du unter:

It's in your hands. Bosch Professional.

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