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How to make a Map Cabinet // Woodworking | I Like To Make Stuff

I made an awesome map cabinet for my family's photography studio!


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My brother and sister-in-law own a photography studio and they print all of their portraits in house. I was asked to make a cabinet to hold the prints that are ready for pick-up. We decided on a traditional-looking map cabinet, but have more shelves than drawers. Here's how to make a map cabinet.

I created a Fusion 360 model of the map cabinet so that my brother and sister-in-law could approve the design. The model provided dimensions to cut and assemble the map cabinet case. I built the side supports by cutting down a 1x4 pine board and assembling the rectangular side frames using my pocket hole jig. Then I used my router and a rabbeting bit to create a slot for the thinner plywood side panel. These side frames were attached to the plywood bottom, again, using pocket screws. The plywood top extends out over the front and sides but not the back. This cabinet will sit against the wall, so a decorative overhang on that side of the map cabinet was unnecessary. The top was also attached to the sides and the case to the 1x4 base with,you guessed it, pocket holes.

My brother and sister-in-law had a paint color already in mind to match their studio, so painting was pretty simple. Josh and I used some small rollers to apply 2 coats of the dark blue eggshell paint. I chose this type of paint because it isn't terribly durable. They wanted it to look a bit worn, so naturally over time it will get dinged and the paint will scuff. Once they are happy with the level of distress, they will apply a clear coat to lock in the look.

The shelves were relatively easy do make. I cut some 3/4 inch plywood making sure to leave enough room for a 3/4 inch band of pine on the front edge. Rather than making the shelves adjustable like on my Simple Bookcase, I secured them in place using pocket screws. If you wanted didn't want dedicated spacing between the shelves, then you could totally use a shelf pinning jig to make the spacing adjustable. It is important to note that I did paint the shelves before mounting them in the map cabinet. The thinner gaps between the shelves would make it a nightmare to paint afterward.

To cover the back of the map cabinet, I used a sheet of 1/8 inch thick luan plywood. I cut this piece to fit over the back, making sure to overlap the sides, bottom, and top by just a little bit. Small brad nails were used to secure the back in place, but small staples would also work. We also painted the luan sheet before attaching it to the map cabinet.

I really hope you liked this project, I know my brother and sister-in-law are really excited to have a new addition to their photography studio and it looks amazing in the space. It is a simple project that really adds some dimension to an interior design and can give your space a unique look. If you liked this woodworking project, you'll love some more of my projects!

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How to make a Map Cabinet // Woodworking | I Like To Make Stuff

I Like To Make Stuff
Forestlamp Craft : This is so beautiful my friend
Andy Birkey : There's nothing better than a situationally perfect piece of furniture that exactly meets the client's needs. Well done, guys.
Hubbard's Handmade : Very good, inexpensive build. I love being able to make just what you need rather than trying to find something from a store that might work. This is an excellent example of that!
Evan and Katelyn : Classy cabinet! Love the design of this piece. It's a great example of how much you can transform less expensive materials
Brandon Newell : Never thought about using dowels for pocket holes,this is why I keep coming back. Thanks,Bob!

The Most Advanced Digital Government in the World

A small European country is leading the world in establishing an “e-government” for its citizens.

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Estonia's fully online, e-government system has been revolutionary for the country's citizens, making tasks like voting, filing taxes, and renewing a driver’s license quick and convenient.

In operation since 2001, “e-Estonia” is now a well-oiled, digital machine. Estonia was the first country to hold a nationwide election online, and ministers dictate decisions via an e-Cabinet.

Estonia was also the first country to declare internet access a human right. 99% of public services are available digitally 24/7, excluding only marriage, divorce, and real-estate transactions.

See the full article on Estonia's e-government here: https://www.freethink.com/videos/e-government

Up next- The Hackers Exposing Government-Wide Crime and Corruption:

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Freethink : Should this approach be adopted in other countries?
Dark GT : Being a Blockchain makes it secure from tampering and is publicly verifiable, by design you can't augment a part of a chain without re-doing all of the following blocks in the chain (at least not fast to fool the rest of the de-centralized participants). Well done for using so futuristic stuff Estonia.
Siddarth : Really interesting & definitely something the whole world needs to learn, Great video
Reality : Petition to rename the system as "E-stonia"
Geoff Moore : Simple, free, uncomplicated online taxes have been presented many times. However it is the professional accounting companies that rally and protest it because they are the only ones with something to lose.

Roland Kiyola KF-10 Artisan Digital Piano Review - Made In Japan, Hand-crafted Cabinet

Intro: 1:37
Piano Sound: 5:08

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#Kiyola #KF10 #Roland

Thanks for being with us at the Merriam Pianos YouTube channel. We’ve got a review of a bit of a different beast for today with the Roland Kiyola KF-10.

This digital piano was designed by Roland in collaboration with famous Japanese furniture designer Karimoku for a truly unique aesthetic that looks like nothing else on the market.

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Piano Overview:

Karimoku is a premium furniture design from Japan - this isn’t the Ikea of Japan - with things like a single chair going for several thousands of dollars. The KF10 is the result of this collaboration between Roland Karimoku.

But not only was the piano considered, as each KF10 comes with a matching pedalboard and bench also designed by Karimoku.


While we usually start our reviews with a discussion on sound, we thought it would make sense to focus on the cabinet first and foremost as the aesthetics of the KF-10 are just as important as it’s musical features, if not more so.

For starters, the cabinet is made of real, solid wood, not MDF. The wood is also handcrafted, so even though it’s a minimalistic design, the quality of the design and materials is about as high-end as it gets as far as digital pianos go.

The overall look is striking to say the very least, and there really isn’t anything else like it out there.

Piano Sound:

Roland elected to keep the KF10 simple in its operation, with a total of 6 on-board sounds. That said, it does feature the SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling engine with limitless polyphony on the 3 grand piano tones, and polyphony of 384 notes on the other three tones (upright piano, harpsichord and electric piano.)

The KF10 features a four speaker system with 60 watts of output power. While Roland doesn’t advertise this, it appears as though they’re using higher quality amps and speakers than they normally do as there is an extra level of warmth and roundness immediately apparent when playing this instrument.

The half-pedaling response, courtesy of Roland’s Progrssive Damper Action Pedal, is absolutely fantastic on this instrument. The highs have a beautiful delicacy to them, and are super clear.

Considering that from a specs standpoint, the KF10 looks basically like a DP603 in a handmade cabinet (but costs $2,000 or so more), we were expecting the KF10 to perform like a DP603. That said, musically, this thing is on a different level, and in fact does perform very much like other $6,000 digital pianos.

The bass register has a lot of cabinet warmth and punch, but there’s no unwanted ‘woofiness’ whatsoever.

We played around with Piano Designer by changing the soundboard type and upping the cabinet resonance which really brought out the midrange. Moving to the treble, certain parts are slightly lacking in body as compared to a nice acoustic upright piano, but the top two octaves do a much better job of this.


The KF-10 uses Roland’s PHA50 wood/plastic hybrid action with a triple sensor and escapement. This is the second best action Roland makes.


The KF-10 has both Bluetooth MIDI and Audio. There’s also USB type A and B, as well as wired MIDI ports.

It’s compatible with Roland’s Piano Designer App, and the Piano Partner 2 app.

The KF-10 is available in a variety of finishes with 5 total.


If you’re someone who appreciates fine furniture and aesthetics, this instrument is worth the premium. Thanks for watching!

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Aaron Barnhart : I just like how frank and spontaneous these review sessions are. Stu’s not going to pan anything but he also makes very clear the type of person who would want this piano
D & G Sound : 5:05 that sync tho...
edit: all joking aside I hope people watching this videos recognize what a great pianist and musician you are.
Fadi Soueidi : you reviews are always a pleasure to watch and listen to my only complaint is I need to listen to those pianos in a classical situation not always in a jazzy or easy listening pieces. it's more helpful.
thank you for all your work. great playing and great reviews.
A P : I cant' believe hot good it sounds with the mics. I absolutely love its minimalistic and mid century modern danish and japan influenced look. It's price is really high, but if it really sounds as good as it seems, then the price seems justified compared to Kawai CA79/99 or the higher Yamahas due to it's amazing aesthetics and build quality.
MostEasterlySteve : Great to see some attention given to this beautiful digital piano. There's no one else who has done a proper qualitative analysis of it so thanks!



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