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Setting Switch HP 1810 Series

MrTVintro : You realize you have a Youporn thumbnail at 4:45 right?
Человек : Как найти управляемый коммутатор в действующей сети, dhcp раздаёт роутер.
Mustafa Bayraktar : Hi,
how to enable POE on the port? thanks
Jean Franco Caringi : thank you, very useful
Ngeyutup : maaf bang , saya punya HP HP 1810-24g j9803A 24 port cara masuk ke settingan smart switchnya gimana ya awalnya , set ip nya ?

HP 1810-48G Switch Unboxing and Demo

One more for the business users out there.


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What I use to make my videos:
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Blue Snowball Microphone: http://amzn.to/1Swugi2
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Adobe Premier Pro Editing: http://amzn.to/1SCks2S
Sal Cameli : Are the SFP Ports 1GB or 10GB ?
Taw Daz : very nice
Vitold S : Always people make a review remember show managed device Web interfaces and tell more about that. This device is mange or unmanage?
Hazli Julaihi : Managed or unmanaged?
p4rma : Does this have fans?

HP Vlan setup on an 1810G-8 switch

Network setup for vlans. Main office and guest vlan. HP 1810G switches
See my new channel at:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwVx_Ktw-mYaw_anra09gUA/
Or my new blog at https://www.aardvarktoes.com
Euge Chatski : Thanks, mate. No ads, no superfluous words. The core given to a watcher in the most understandable way. For telnet/Cisco guy like me it was the most useful and the shortest video to set up VLANs on HP ProCurve.
Lonnie Best : Thanks for showing how you did this!
CeleronS1 : HEY! I just wanted say big KUDOS to Eric for making this video and google for featuring it! Im IT guy who haven't had experience before with managable switches and I was able upgrade our old office switch to new one quite easily. Thank you! :)
Per Jensen : Very nice - it helped me along :-)
Kivanc Karanis : 0:31 growling and still trying to complete video. Excellent



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